EDU Savings Facility

Education Savings facility is a facility that is aimed at assisting the SACCOS members to save money to finance education for himself/herself or for his/her children or member of his/her family.

Products benefits

  • Earn Interest rate as stated in the society by laws.

  • “EduLoan” facility of up to two times of your Education savings Account.

  • Interest on “EduLoan” is only 1% per month on reducing balance.

  • 18 months repayment time on “EduLoan” service.

  • Two times per year acceptable withdraw of the amount but withdrawal won’t exceed 50% of the total amount and acceptable for members without “EduLoan”

How to Apply

  • Complete  Bidhaa Mpya (New Products) Form.

  • Minimum month contribution is TZS. 30,000/=

  • Deduction through payroll