TRA SACCOS LTD is governed by a Board made up of 7 members composed of 1 woman and 6 men who were elected by the delegates during the Annual General Meeting.

The highest decision making organ in TRA SACCOS LTD as in all other SACCOS is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) while the Management Board assisted by the SACCOS’ employees represents members in the general management of the SACCOS as indicated in the organizational structure.

Functions of the Management Board

Functions of the Management Board of the TRA SACCOS LTD are:

1. Direct and Monitor the day to day affairs of the Society;

2. Formulation of administrative and credit policies, the interest rates on loans and deposits

3. Preparation of the annual budget

4. To register new members and maintain a register for the same;

5. To prepare financial reports and submits Audited reports to the AGM

6. To plan and implement various development programs on behalf of members

7. Perform such other duties as the members may direct from time to time at the AGM.

Board Members

1.Ms. Pilly Marwa - Chairperson
2.Mr. Thomas Kitima - Vice Chairman
3.Ms. Upendo Munanga - Member
4.Ms. Julieth Shehiza - Member
5.Mr. George Haule - Member
6.Mr. Joel Lema - Member
7.Mr. Mbogo Kerenge - Member