TRA SACCOS LTD is a registered Savings and Credit Co-operative Society whose main objective is to mobilize savings from members and in return provide credit facilities. TRA SACCOS LTD is an employee-based SACCOS which was established under the current governing Co-operative Societies ACT No 20 of 2003 in 2006 and Licensed as Class B under microfinance act No 10 of 2018 in 2021. Other objectives of the SACCOS are to encourage thrift among its members by educating the members the advantages of developing a savings behavior, through proper investment best practices aimed at improving the social and economic conditions of the members. This is achieved by offering the members complementary savings schemes, credit facilities and other financial products as may be required by the members from time to time.



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  • NBC 012103020266,
  • CRDB 01J1328947802,
  • NMB 20310008081,
  • AZANIA 00100021049